Kino Life Studios

Kitchen NYC is now offering video services through a partnership with Kino Life Studios for your kitchen events.
This new experience will allow you to relive the special experience of your kitchen event! As all cooks know, every meal you make is an art, and no recipe or cooking experience will ever turn out the same way twice.
    •    Aspiring chefs and online food bloggers can utilize this service to have a stress­free high quality cooking video created for them, or even just people who want to share their favorite or perfected recipe with friends on social media.
    •    Companies hosting corporate events at Kitchen NYC could showcase the company’s lifestyle and teamwork for recruiting purposes, or promotion of the company. The filmed event can be tailored to fit any specific purpose. It’s all possible with the new LNC Productions video service!
A Kitchen video can also be a great way to keep alive the memories of important, intimate family events to cherish as the family grows.
For more information check out their website!

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