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Melissa Weller is a chemical engineer who turned her career towards pastry at the French Culinary Institute. She refined her skills at various establishments in New York City including Babbo Ristorante, Enoteca and Sullivan Street Bakery.

RECIPE: 470 grams all-purpose flour, 285 g room temp. water, 12 g sea salt, 3 g fresh yeast, 235 g poolish. Combine ingred. except salt and yeast in bowl; stir w. hands. Let dough rest w. salt sprinkled on top for 30 min. Transfer dough to work surface; knead in yeast and salt til dough passes windowpane test. Ferment 2 hours, punch down after 1st hour. Divide in 150g pieces for demi baguettes. Pre-shape demis; wait 15 min. then shape. Let proof on couche for 1 hr.. Score then load on pizza stone in 500F oven. Spritz during first 5 min. then lower to 450F; bake 20 min. rotating as necessary.

Chef Emanuel Fornasiero came to New York from Malo,Italy to conduct a cooking class in Italian Style Food at Kitchen NYC, and cultivated some New York City yeast from Central Park for this special occasion.  Chef Fornasiero is a classic pizza maker, as was his father before him. He has a passion for pizza and shares his extensive knowledge with people around the world.  In his recent New York City class, he teaches first how to make the dough, then the sauce and the toppings.  He made four different types of pizza and also instructed us in the secrets of gnocchi making.  Check out his website:

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